We get asked a lot....what is Love Monkey?

"If PT Barnum had a child with Robin Williams, using DNA from every musical act that has ever lived (Barry Manilow to Rage Against the Machine) that abomination would be Love Monkey!"

We promise to keep you guessing! 

With the most eclectic song list around, we come out to make you dance and nod your matter what style of music you jam to. From the Beatles, Hendrix, Gap Band, Prince, Johnny Cash, Earth Wind and Fire, Rage Against the Machine, Cage the Elephant, Jet, Bruno Mars..........   

Ask anyone who has seen one of our shows......we come to play! The energy is high, the music is good, and the breaks are few and short. We party on stage and provide an atmosphere for you to join the fun.

Whether it's in a local venue or playing your special event, Love Monkey is the band that brings the Party!

What others are saying:

"When I walked into the office Monday morning, our staff was RAVING! Their sets were AWESOME! Sometimes I forgot they were doing covers.. they sound THAT good! I would definitely recommend for a good time! Very professional, easy to work with and SO MUCH FUN!" Kelsey - Nemours Foundation

 "Everyone raved- from the staff, to the bartenders,....everyone! I had notes waiting for me, asking me to bring you guys back." Cathy- Booking/Ragtime

 "I want to thank you guys again. My sis was so stoked about everything! I do believe you have some bragging rights. Again, thank you so much. You guys r great, and I will see you next time."  Jacky- Private Party


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